Bayan lin-Naas : Jurnal Dakwah Islam

Bayan lin-Nass: Jurnal Dakwah Islam is a scientific publication that efforts to facilitate academic articles and scholarly writings of a number studies in empirical research in the field of Da'wa and Communication. Bayan lin Nass is open to academics, students, researchers, and practitioners who are interested in contributing their thoughts, especially in the field of Da'wa and Communication.The main focus of Bayan lin-Nass is on the exploration of dynamics propagation in Islamic proselytizing, studies of communication science, and the development of contemporary media in theoretical realm as well as practical one, especially the scope of local, national, and global.

Bayan lin-Naas is published twice in a year, in June and December in online and printing version, managed by Open Journal system of the Faculty of Dakwah IDIA Prenduan Sumenep

DOI : 10.28944/bayanlin-naas

ISSN : 2580-3409 (print); 2580-3972 (online)