Maharot : Journal of Islamic Education

Vol 7, No 2 (2023)


MAHAROT: Journal of Islamic Education is a peer-reviewed journal on Muslim education, provide readers with a better understanding of  education in the Muslim world, present developments through the publication of articles and research reports.

This journal specializes on education in the Muslim world, and is intended to communicate original researches and current issues on the subject. All articles will be reviewed by experts before accepted for publication. Each author is solely responsible for the content of published articles.

This journal encompasses original research articles and review articles, including: Studies in Social Education, Studies  in Science Education, Management Education, Teaching & Learning, Quality Education, Education, Development & Society, Educational Leadership, Educational Technology, Language Education, Philosophy of Education,  Religious Education, Teacher Education, Early Childhood Education.

This journal is published twice in a year, in June and December in online and printing version, managed by Open Journal system of the Faculty of Education of Al-Amien Prenduan for Islamic Institute (IDIA Prenduan) Sumenep.
ISSN : 2580-3980 (print); 2580-3999 (online)

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